Local meet up in Switzerland (Zurich area)

I would like to organise a meetup for people interested in the Julia programming language in the Zurich area of Switzerland.
For everyone interested and from that area, please check this out:

There is one for the Zurich area already: https://www.meetup.com/Zurich-Julia-User-Group/. Why not joining?

I’m the organizer of the original meetup but I have been slacking. I would suggest to only do one and to keep the original one to avoid confusion. But you are welcome to take it over or co-organize it.

I didn’t find that one for some reason or another.
I agree, there should only be one group to prevent confusion.

I’d be willing to at least co-organise it.
It might be a good idea anyway to have more than one person organising.

I will post a note on my group and close it after some time.