Do I need ATOM and/or JUNO to use Julia if I have a PC with ONLY command line?


I have a machine with ONLY command line. So, do I have to install Atom and/or Juno to use Julia? or IJulia?
I will use Julia to do AI with tensorflow, knet, etc

Thank you very much

you do not! Once julia is added to your path, you can just type julia in the command line and it will work.

There are many options.
The first one is using REPL, just by typing julia. Or you also use vim with screen plugin. If you accessing this machine remotely, you can use remote julia session.

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I often use the option to connect to a remote host. That’s the perfect solution in my opinion for development when you have a server with Julia: Atom/Juno/VS Code is handled by the local PC and calculations are done remotely.