Atom and Juno with Julia 0.7

I just started to use Atom with Juno after using VSCODE for some time.
Why do I have to press enter to start Julia?

You don’t, you can also execute some code in a file. Pressing enter in the REPL window just starts it without evaluating anything. I’m guessing it would be bad form to launch julia every time you open atom, so you have to give some indication.

Well, I would prefer to have an option that Julia is launched automatically. I mainly use the console and don’t use Atom for anything else but Julia.

Other question: Is the linter plugin already working with Julia 0.7? It doesn’t for me.
Was just running the tests of the package Lint on Julia 0.7, and they fail. So probably not ready yet. :neutral_face:

Fair enough, we could do that. If you’re in cycler mode (as is the default) we actually do that and pretend not to, which is kind of weird anyways.

That’s not part of Juno and I don’t know how well maintained it is. We’ll get our own linter sometime soon though, I hope (same one that VSCode uses).


Sounds promising! But does it already has its own repository?

I agree on the wish for possibility to start the REPL automatically when Juno starts. I use Win 10: I have to open a REPL window (unless it is open by default), click in it, and hit enter to start up the REPL. It’d save some time if the REPL starts by default (or if I can set up Juno to do that).

Another issue is that if a file is open by default without the REPL having started, I cannot issue Julia commands in that file. (OK – it may be that the default file is not a Julia file…). If I delete said file, start the REPL, and open a new file, then I can issue Julia commands in that file.