How to?: Seamless remote development and deployment workflow in Atom/Juno

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first of all: If this topic has been discussed exhaustively elsewhere, please excuse my posting. I have not been able to find the answers I am looking for where I searched.

This is what I am trying to do: Develop and run Julia Code (ideally within Atom/Juno) on a remote machine using the same worklow I normally use locally; this means:

  • Use project folders (not possible with ftp-remote-edit)
  • See changes based on git directly in the file viewer, stage changes and push to an online (e.g., Github, i.e., other than the remote machine) repository
  • Run code directly in the REPL

So far I am using ftp-remote-edit to connect to the workstation and upload/change files, and run code using a terminal. While this is a workaround that checks most boxes, the lacking integration of git/project structure within Atom is really bugging me (i know that this can be done using regular git commands and a second terminal, but I really learned to love the seamless integration when developing locally).

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Check out

The first point can be addressed by changing the julia command in the julia-client settings to include the --project option. And with the remote connection you când use inline evaluation and other Juno features.

I’m not sure what can be done with respect to the git part.

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