Different Atom packages

When I search for julia in the Atom packages (to Install), I get julia-client and language-julia, both with over 135,000 downloads. Then I search for Juno and I see uber-juno with 80,000 downloads.
Which of these do I install?
I need:

  1. syntax-hilighting
  2. unicode completion via latex
  3. basic auto-suggest (may be not as fancy as pycharm but at least as good as sublime suggestions).

I can live without being able to run julia code in Atom (if that keeps things simple, (I had to delete atom and reinstall as it would not start (after installing julia-client))); I use jupyter for package test running code.

As a side question I also wonder what the dominant paradigm for julia development is:

  • editor (vi/emacs/sublime/…) + repl ?
  • editor + jupyter?
  • atom + jupyter ?
  • atom only ?
  • other?


Juno should install the rest as dependencies.

Currently, I’m using VSCode + REPL. I like its linting.
There’s a Google Summer of Code project to get linting support in Juno, so I’ll definitely give it a try again once that’s ready.

Although I should really try this workflow:

uber-juno installs all of the packages you need. See the Juno documentation:"


@Elrod @ChrisRackauckas
Thanks for the video, something I was looking for a long time now.

I was experimenting with a Sandbox.jl package, and was using these workflow tips given in the juno repository page. Like setting the current module to Sandbox (Tmp in their example) etc.

The Workspace pane in Atom does not show anything because it is linked to Main. How do I change it to the Sandbox module that I am working in?

Also, if I have evaluated a variable n in the buffer, I know I can see it’s value floating there. But if I want to access it from the REPL pane, I need to type Sandbox.n. Is this the only way?

Do you follow the workflow tips? Like setting the current module to Sandbox? Or do you just use using and put your package in the julia path?


You can set the REPL’s and the workspace pane’s current module to Follow Editor (or manually to Tmp', if you want) by clicking on theMain` entry in the status bar.