Juno for Julia v. 1.0.1

I’ve had issues with Juno since installing Julia v.1.0.1 So I want to totally remove Atom/Juno, and install it from scratch (Win 10). I do the following:

  • Pkg.rm(“Juno”)
  • uninstall Atom using the Control Panel
  • in Explorer, go to %appdata% and remove Atom folders

If I re-install Atom, there are still traces of the old install…

  • It starts up with the non-default light theme I chose in a previous installation
  • It remembers the Julia file I worked on in a previous installation
  • If I go to Installation, I can choose uber-juno, but there is no install button, so I assume it is lurking somewhere.

However, there is no menu on the left border, no terminal windows, etc, etc.

Question: How can I completely erase Juno, and start the installation from scratch?

There is also C:\Users\you\.atom which has user settings and packages. Try removing that as well. In Julia you’d also need to rm Atom, but that shouldn’t actually be necessary.

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Ah… thanks a lot. I searched for “atom” in Explorer, but it didn’t find “.atom”. Problem solved!