[ANN] Juno 0.6.7



Yes, that’s an upstream issue.


Just to clarify, upstream as in Julia Base, or Atom?


Neither :slight_smile: Upstream as in xterm.js: https://github.com/xtermjs/xterm.js/issues/24


When I do Julia Client: I see Open Console (or Ctrl-J Ctrl-O) and Open A Repl (or Ctrl-j Ctrl-R).

However, Open Console does not invoke the console for me but opens the Repl. I can not open the console anymore. Is that behaviour intentional?


If you want to get the old Console back you’ll need to go to Settings > julia-client > Console Style and select “Legacy” there. That style is deprecated though and won’t be officially supported in the future.


Ok, I see. Thanks for clarifying.


What module is the REPL working in? When I click the REPL, atom displays Main. However, if I have focus on a text file with a module X, such that atom displays that I’m working in X, a paste of code into the REPL (with mouse wheel on fedora) seems to be evaluated in the X module and not in Main, unless I first focus the REPL, then paste the code. Can the behaviour be changed so that the REPL always is in Main?


I hope this is not changed completely. I believe the “evaluation inside module” functionality is a major selling point for Juno.


I agree, but I meant having the choice of locking it to Main, which I think I found already implemented :slight_smile:


Is there an easy way to get the editor pane and the REPL pane side by side?


Just drag and drop the REPL


How about a simple key combination?


You can just click the module indicator and change the current module to whatever you like while the console is focussed. Or you use “Follow Editor” which does exactly that :slight_smile:

I don’t really see how that would be useful – usually you’d drag the console to the right precisely once, no?


Not really - I first have to create a second pane, then open the Julia console, then drag it to the other pane. Big pain really. But I’m not sure it is something that should be fixed at the Juno or Atom level.



So this is the first time that debugger is embedded? How to set a breakpoint with the new UI? Can you show it briefly? Really appreciate!


There’s no way to set breakpoints currently (and there won’t be until 1.0 is out). See here for a demonstration of stepping through a function call.


Sorry, I just don’t like dragging my mouse around - waste of time. But this is indeed one action less :slight_smile:


When will the next version of JuliaPro be release so that I can start to do debugging with the UI?


The latest released version should work fine for that, it’s just that the UI changed with this version of Juno.