Why Julia? - A Call For Community Video Testimonials

Hey all,

Some of the folks in the #community channel on Slack had an interesting idea of highlighting some of the reasons we all have chosen to use Julia. One possible way to do this is by creating a playlist on the Julia Language YouTube titled “Why Julia?” where folks in the community introduce themselves and talk briefly (less then ~5 minutes) about what they use Julia for and why they chose to use Julia for a particular use case.

The implication of this is what if I am doing XYZ and I see a quick video of someone who does XYZ talking about all of the ways that Julia helped solve such and such problems in that domain, I will be potentially more inclined to try Julia.

As a next step, if you are interested in doing one of these videos, you are welcome to record the video using something like Zoom and then send it to me. Please feel free to reach out via email, reply here, or message me on Slack if you have questions/thoughts on this process.


Oh yeah, I actually made one. If it doesn’t make the cut it will be on my youtube channel.


Our first video is up: Why Julia? - A Series of Community Testimonials - YouTube well done @xiaodai !


hi @logankilpatrick !

Nice idea! I am a pretty new user of the language and I would be interested in interacting with other members of the community that have similar interests to exchange ideas on how to use Juia for experimental purposes. I emailed you earlier today the link with a video I prepared…




In case anyone’s reading, it might be worthwhile to upload the video to youtube but keep it unlisted, so it’s easy to add to the playlist if no further editing is required.

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thinking about writing one on benchmarking in julia


We have gotten two awesome videos so far! If you have the time, it would be awesome to hear the perspectives of you all.

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