Seeking support for the Julia Language's YouTube

Hey all,

I am wondering if there’s anyone out there in the community who would be interested in helping snaz up the YouTube channel.

What that entails:

  • Adding custom thumbnails to videos created on
  • Making sure descriptions are relevant and include links
  • Adding video timestamps
  • Potentially helping reach out to folks in the community to get new content made (a future content map?)
  • Thinking about strategy and how we can make our videos higher quality
  • Something else that comes to mind? Lets give it a try!

I think there’s a lot of opportunity here for someone (or a few people) to make a big impact given the reach our channel has and I am juggling too many different projects to be the one to drive this.

Please ping me on Slack or wherever I am online if you are interested in this. Thanks all!


Coordinating community-sourced transcripts (and translations thereof) would be very helpful, especially for JuliaCon videos where the mics don’t always capture the speaker well 100% of the time (e.g. if they move a lot around the stage, or the mic is set up too close and touches their clothes, etc.) or the audience during Q&A.

This would be ideal if a collaborative system could be set up, where a single contributor wouldn’t need to contribute an entire video’s transcripts, since they can sometimes be rather long. Same for translations.


Ping @Wikunia!

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Cc @travigd who is the accessibility chair for JuliaCon and will be leading that initiative :slight_smile: