Adding new playlists to Julia YT Channel

First nine videos on Julia YT channels were uploaded in March of 2013 and they are from some gathering happening probably on MIT. Among attends you have the most important people in Julia community, so in thong-in-chick manner we could call it “JuliaCon 0th”.

They are not on any playlist, so I would suggests to create new one for them. They are to valuable to not be gathered in one place. At least Rationale Behind Julia and the Vision will always be important for Julia language and in my humble opinion other are also still valuable.

I can’t guarantee that I didn’t miss one, but for my money there are nine of them, links below. I try to put them in some reasonable order, but it just my attempt.

Rationale Behind Julia and the Vision,

Metaprogramming and Macros in Julia,

Parallel and Distributed Computing with Julia,

Numerical Optimization in Julia,

Fast Fourier Transforms in Julia,

Statistical Models in Julia,

Data Analysis in Julia with Data Frames,

Networking in Julia,

Julia Lightning Round,

You can find propositions for timestamps to them here and here. I soon also make some for Parallel and Distributed Computing with Julia.