Videos from [2018] JuliaCon. And a question and a suggestion

First, I like to say, thanks for the videos. I’m like a kid in a candy store now. It would have been great to be at JuliaCon, hopefully some day…

I realize the videos where streamed live, and at least currently they have a “startup screen” for sometimes very long, I’ve seen up to 19 minutes, maybe related to them first first streamed live? I’m very grateful for the free service and not making any demands for more.

It’s not a big deal for me to skip ahead (or binary search for the beginning…), I was just thinking everyone else has to do this… It would be great if the extra would be cut off or a link to the start provided (somewhere, but comments are off so I can’t do it at youtube). Obviously I can’t download and fix (or I could maybe and upload again), just not legally?

Maybe this was all just overlooked (maybe is planned, in the pipeline?) with the excitement of Julia 1.0 release or most watching live.

Doing my part (right-click and “Copy video URL at current time”) here’s a link to my favorite video so far:

Matt Baumann is a great guy and a very energetic speaker.

Feel free to post links in this thread with your favorite video(s) and/or those with excessively long wait, the same way.

I’ve been sending such links to friends, and my only fear is that if the videos are “fixed” I’ll be pointing people to the middle of the videos…

At the JuliaCon youtube page, I tried to search for 2018 and it wasn’t relevant to JuliaCon only. Is there a categorization somewhere or anyone know good way to search for them?


I’d also suggest making all videos open for community contributions (transcripts / closed captions, and translations thereof), which are extremely useful for the occasions when the audio isn’t clear. Currently if one tries to contribute, YouTube shows the following message:

The video you requested isn’t enabled for community contribution. Here are some other videos that could use your help.


Am I right in thinking that you can’t edit videos on YouTube once they’re uploaded? You have to re-upload new versions, delete the old ones, and then find all the links to the old ones and replace them… Surely Google has something better than that…?

Please report audio/video issues using this form: I understand these issues are actively being worked on.

Couldn’t an open issue tracker be used instead? That way people could know which issues have already been reported, which are being worked on, collaborate on building exhaustive lists of common issues, etc.

Was originally, but @vchuravy preferred it this way.

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