If find some problems with Julia YT channel, write them here

Since few weeks, due to generosity of many people in Julia Community, I’m a co-manager of The Julia Programming Language YT channel. I used my times in this role to put timestamps in their places (GitHub PR are another story) and correcting few things that was annoying in various videos and put messages in the descriptions of the most recent videos

At this moment, I have few ideas about what can be improved with some videos, but I want to be sure, that I don’t mess up things. In the mean while I’m searching for idea what should be done to correct problems with this YT channel, so I want to ask you about what can be done to make it a little bit better.

You can write about anything. Typos in the title, problems with descriptions, duplications in the playlists, problems with timestamps, etc. If things is easy to correct, I will try to correct it in a week time. If it is harder or more error prone in execution, I will put it on TODO list and try to manage it in reasonable time.