Using JupyterLab



Since I am a newbie in Julia, I would appreciated if you could provide me the steps on who to make Julia to work in Jupyterlab.

I am running julia 1.1.0 on win10. I use winpython as my python (v3.6) distribution.

Thanks in advance

JupyterLab (beta) is out. Anyone tried it?

Install IJulia and build it:

] add IJulia
build IJulia

After that, run jupyter-lab (e.g. form bash console, not from within julia) and from there choose which notebook to run. Have fun.
The only think I did not get to work (yet) in jupyter-lab (but works with jupyter) is Interact.jl .


You can also install it from within julia. That’s smart in particular if you don’t already have jupyter lab installed as it will install it for you.

using IJulia
jupyterlab() # use detached=true if you want to continue using your julia REPL session


add IJulia automatically builds it. You only need to manually run build IJulia if you need to re-build for some reason, e.g. if the location of your Julia installation has moved.


For me it doesn’t work before I refresh my browser window, after which it works just fine (more specifically, the output displays correctly but controls won’t work before I refresh).

You need to have the extension installed as well, of course, as documented.


Thanks for your replies

The answered provided by @mkborregaard worked just fine :slight_smile:


That’s a good news. So something got messed up with my installation: I have WebIO but nothing is displayed (while some times ago, probably was Julia 0.6, I had the graph displayed, although controls were ineffective).