Can't install IJulia after re-installing Julia to run Julia through Jupyter notebooks

Hey! how are you guys doing?

I’m dealing with a rather obnoxious problem. I want to run Julia through Jupyter notebooks, I’ve Windows 10 and Python (through Anaconda suite) and as I was dealing with some cleaning I’ve uninstalled Anaconda and Julia, cleaned directories, temp files and reboot my PC. After that I’ve installed Anaconda and Julia in a new directory (D disk instead of C, differents folders), but I can’t get anything from Julia.

I just keep getting errors of “IJulia has no known versions!”, even though I’ve created a new environment to overcome the chance of a bad installation or dependencies issues.

Do you have any idea where the problem could be?

What happens when you do

julia> using IJulia

in the REPL?

Wow! that was a fast response:

Sorry, I’ve pasted the wrong screencap

Okay so it looks like you haven’t installed the Julia package which actually enables the interaction with Jupyter. You need to do:

julia> ] # (hit ] to enter the pkg REPL mode)

(@v1.5) pkg> add IJulia

to install the IJulia package. Note that by default this will just install a private Miniconda distribution to deal with all Python related stuff, if you want to use your pre-existing Anaconda installation check out the link in the package Readme here to figure out how to do that (althouh honestly unless you’re heavily constrained in terms of storage space I wouldn’t bother)

Thanks again! I’ll do the miniconda installation as you suggest!
I just keep getting an error:

That’s odd, is this a fresh install? Maybe related to moving to the D drive? In any case this suggests something’s wrong with your package registry, have a look here: Pkg> add results in “no known versions” errors for “Flux” and “Plots”

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You are the best! I think that there was some remain of the previous installation. thank you so much! :smiley:

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