Interact.jl widget in Jupyter Lab

Hi guys,

I am trying to using Interact’s widget in JupyterLab. But I was unable to get the widget working after I tried my best to install Interact and WebIO. I believe I had missed something. Thank you for your help.

using Interact, WebIO
@manipulate for n in 1:10

Running Node(:div, Node(:p, "I am a paragraph!", class="important")) from WebIO seems rendered.

I think the WebIO extension is successful added to the jupyter.

jupyter labextension list

JupyterLab v2.2.9
Known labextensions:
   app dir: /home/coco/miniconda3/share/jupyter/lab
        @arbennett/base16-solarized-light v0.1.3  enabled  OK
        @jupyterlab/toc v4.0.0  enabled  OK
        @lckr/jupyterlab_variableinspector v0.5.1  enabled  OK
        @mohirio/jupyterlab-horizon-theme v2.0.0  enabled  OK
        @rahlir/theme-gruvbox v1.1.0  enabled   X
        @webio/jupyter-lab-provider v0.8.15  enabled  OK
        @yeebc/jupyterlab_neon_theme v3.0.1  enabled  OK

   The following extension are outdated:

   Consider running "jupyter labextension update --all" to check for updates.

Hey, I do not have a solution for that. But I am trying to use Interact in jupyter lab and the first plots get rendered well, but then any sliders changes are not calculated and do not affect the plot anymore. In jupyter notebook the same code works. So it seems that still there is some problem with that with jupyter lab.

If someone has a solution for that, I appreciate it aswell :slight_smile: