Interact.jl widget in Jupyter Lab

Hi guys,

I am trying to using Interact’s widget in JupyterLab. But I was unable to get the widget working after I tried my best to install Interact and WebIO. I believe I had missed something. Thank you for your help.

using Interact, WebIO
@manipulate for n in 1:10

Running Node(:div, Node(:p, "I am a paragraph!", class="important")) from WebIO seems rendered.

I think the WebIO extension is successful added to the jupyter.

jupyter labextension list

JupyterLab v2.2.9
Known labextensions:
   app dir: /home/coco/miniconda3/share/jupyter/lab
        @arbennett/base16-solarized-light v0.1.3  enabled  OK
        @jupyterlab/toc v4.0.0  enabled  OK
        @lckr/jupyterlab_variableinspector v0.5.1  enabled  OK
        @mohirio/jupyterlab-horizon-theme v2.0.0  enabled  OK
        @rahlir/theme-gruvbox v1.1.0  enabled   X
        @webio/jupyter-lab-provider v0.8.15  enabled  OK
        @yeebc/jupyterlab_neon_theme v3.0.1  enabled  OK

   The following extension are outdated:

   Consider running "jupyter labextension update --all" to check for updates.