After installing Uber Juno Julia pluggin disappears

I am on Windows 10 and after updating uber-juno to the latest version. The Julia package disappears after I restart Atom. It’s still tthere but none of the toolbars and terminals etc are there.

So I looked into the settings for uber-juno


and unchecked the “Disable”, then I restarted Atom. And the it’s the same.

What’s the best way to hard-reset uber-juno?

This could be the long standing issue where the Julia-client installation fails during update potentiality. Have you tried simply uninstalling and reinstalling julia-client? (I’m not sure what you mean by resetting über-juno, which is just a convenience wrapper around the installation of all necessary packages)

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Sounds a bit like this indeed.

Didn’t know this was even in the docs! Is the shell and apm part necessary? I usually get by with just the uninstall and install buttons in atom itself (which is useful especially on machines where I can’t change PATH so the apm command I isn’t actually recognised)

I think someone reported problems where it wasn’t actually possible to uninstall ink from Atom, so in that case you need apm.
I should really fix that bug though, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes the download stats more impressive I guess :joy: