Install Juno, fails

I have updated Atom and cannot install any package. The error should be related to the Atom as bellow, which shows “Self signed certificate in certificate chain”. I can install package from the command window using the command “apm install uber-juno”

The information of the command “apm config list” is as follows.

Not sure what’s going on there (apm and the Atom GUI should behave the same), but you should be able to run

apm install tool-bar
apm install indent-detective
apm install latex-completions
apm install language-julia
apm install ink
apm install julia-client

in a terminal to get all of Juno installed.

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I can install the packages from the command line. It would be the bug of Atom related to firewall or ssh. I searched many solutions on the website, but no one works.

Then you’ll either have to live with using a terminal to do package operations (which should be fairly painless) or ask for help on the Atom discourse.

I have asked this question on Atom discourse. I found some other people have the same problems. However there is still no proper solution. I feel the Atom community is not so helpful than the Julia community. With this problem, git can also not work properly.

I tested VS code on the same machine, it works quite well. Git also works well. During the last two years, I encountered a lot of issues using Atom+Juno. Juno is currently almost the only full-feature IDE for Julia, I really like many features of Juno. However, there are many plugins with different versions, and often get problems after updating some plugin. This makes it not so robust as VS code.

I have change the IDE to VS code. It works well. Thanks for the works of Juno and VS-code Julia.

Wait, if git doesn’t work either then that seems to be a problem that your company’s IT should fix, no?

True. I have some long term plans to reduce the number of plugins required, but the current solution seems to work fine for the majority of users.

Thank you so much for your excellent work of Juno. This issue is caused by Atom, not Juno. I can not get useful response from the Atom community. It should be caused something related to the firewall of my Institute, which results connection issue for Atom. This is not the problem for VS code and git works well in VS code.

I have used many programming language, such as C++, Python, R, and currently Julia and Swift. According to my own experience, Julia has the best community. I can always get efficient help from the community timely. Thank you so much for your time and efforts on Juno.