The Julia project will participate in "Google Code In" 2019

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce that our project has been accepted to participate in the Google Code In program. This is a contest for 13-17 year olds, introducing them to the world of open source development.

The program involves lots of small, bite sized tasks. Example from previous years can be found here: . Tasks can be in the areas of coding, design, QA, documentation or outreach.

To be successful in the program, we need to create a range of such tasks. We also need many mentors willing to guide students over December and January.

I think this is a great opportunity for us to pay back for the amazing things that high school students have achieved for our community; as well as to pay it forward for a new crop of young contributors. Please join me helping mentor students this winter (… or … summer, if you are down south! )

In terms of the mechanics, Google want the tasks to stay private till the program formally opens in about a month. We will therefore need to create the tasks in private. Please let me know if you are interested, and I’ll add you to a google doc we are using to collect tasks. Also join us on the #codeinmentors channel on Slack.


Happy to help out in anyway that I can. This sounds awesome!

That channel is also private at the moment.

This is great. I am willing to be a mentor in Google code in. Can you please share the Google doc with me?

Interested in mentoring the students!

Hi, I’m one of the GSoC students who worked with JuMP (JuliaOpt) this year and would love to be a mentor. Could you please add me to channel and Google doc?


I’m also interested in Helping if it is within the S.F. Bay Area. I did a Video on Julia Fundamentals for PackT recently (Came out in June 2019). Where will this be held and what are the dates?

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This sounds like a great idea and I’d love to help out if there is something I can do.

I am interested, please add me t o the channel and the google docs

I’m interested to help here

I am interested

I am interested!
I would love to use my experience as an open-source contributor to mentor high-school students during Google Code-In.

Hey ! I worked with LightGraphs as a part of GSoC this year. I’m interested in being a GCI mentor. Could you please add me to the channel ?

Happy to participate a a mentor! Fulfilled the same role at my previous employer quite regularly.

interested in participating

Nice, add me, I’ll try to free up some time!

I want to volunteer my time to mentor students in Google Code-in, please count me in the list of mentors, thank you.

Able and want to help.

Am local to google Mountain View.

Hi myself Divyanshu, I’m a 2019 GSoC student where I’ve worked with an open source organization SymPy I would love to mentor 2019 GCI students and give back to the open source community. Count me in!!

Hi. I am a JSoC’19 student. I’m also interested in being a mentor for this program. Pinging @avik

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Would love to participate as a mentor!