Call for Google Summer of Code Mentors / Projects 2023

It is that time of the year again, Google Summer of Code is just around the corner. The heart of GSoC are the mentors. We are lucky enough to have many folks helping support the Julia ecosystem through mentorship of new contributors during GSoC.

If you are interested in helping mentor a project, please read more about the mentor experience here: What is Google Summer of Code? | Google Summer of Code Guides

Mentors are usually maintainers if open source Julia packages or contributors to various packages.

If you want to proceed, please open a PR with your project on GitHub: at main · JuliaLang/ · GitHub and ping me for a review!

Also, but thanks to all of those who already mentor! It’s a huge avenue for bringing new community contributors into the fold.


What’s the deadline for submitting proposals?

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Please send them in asap, we still have time but the longer we wait, the harder it gets to find students.

Hello … @logankilpatrick
I’m doing my best, to contribute and continue with Julia.
Thank You … Please consider my work for GSOC - 2023

Just found out GSoC is also open to non-students now. Is the deadline over? Just started out in Julia and been loving my experience.


The PostgreSQL community also has a GSOC 2023 project - related to JuliaLang

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Hey @usiam – nope! Please visit our projects here and let us know your interest! You still have about 40 days to connect with a project, find a mentor, and write a proposal. :slight_smile:

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Can I still submit?