Call for Summer of Code 2018 Mentors

Julia will be participating in Google Summer of Code again this year. This year we applied under the NumFOCUS umbrella, and NumFOCUS was just accepted by Google, which means that we’ll have slots for paid student work on Julia this summer.

It’s time to get things in shape, and we need your help. Do you have a Julia-related project in mind that would benefit from some help from a talented student interested in Julia? GSoC is open to the whole community, not just the core Julia language, so projects could even be contributions to a package. If you’re up for mentoring a student to work on your project for three months this summer, we would love to invite you to be a mentor.

We have some projects listed on our GSoC projects page, but not all are up to date. (We could use some help weeding out the obsolete ones.) If you’re interested in mentoring, please submit a pull request to the Julia website repository with your project idea, using the existing entries as a guide for formatting and content. In addition, send me a Discourse PM or an email with your contact information so that I can send you the proper mentor signup form. You may be interested in reviewing Google’s list of responsibilities to get a feeling for what’s involved before committing to being a mentor.

The student application period begins on March 12, but we should try to get our mentors in order ASAP so that students can begin looking at projects prior to the application period. So if you’re interested in mentoring then please do not delay.


I think it is not too late to emphasize the role of prior contributions in the selection process (cf this discussion). Motivated students still have time to find some projects they would be interested in, get their hands dirty and make some PRs, which would provide a lot of information for the selection process.