Sticker graphics file

I am beginning to think that the only way I can obtain some Julia stickers is to have them printed myself.

Is there an SVG or PDF format file available that I could use for this?

I will try to get an quote for an UV-resistant ink that does not fade, cut to a non-rectangular outline, and print a medium-sized quantity that I would be happy to give (Vienna, Budapest) or mail (Europe) to people.



If you like to keep it in Julia:

using Luxor

Drawing("A4", "labels.pdf")
    for (pos, n) in Tiler(paper_sizes["A4"]..., 4, 2)
        @layer begin
        translate(pos - (150, 100))


I would be happy to pay for printing and shipping (to Switzerland) of 35 stickers to my Julia class. Possible? Approximate price?

I would be happy to mail to anyone.

A quick quote for 6x4cm stickers, weather-resistant (UV), cut to contour, count of 100, came to about 0.15–0.20 EUR/piece. Larger runs cheaper, and I should talk to the print shop for details about the cut.

I will shop around a bit, then order a sample run. Approximate sizes (I have no clue how large to make them, 4cm fits nicely onto a :bike: frame) and counts would be helpful. I don’t want to make a profit on these :wink:, but helping to cover the cost of stickers and mailing (EDIT: priority mail to Europe would be 1.5–3 EUR depending on weight, post office gives a small mass discount over 25) would be nice.

I would prefer to distribute them abroad in bulk (10+ stickers).

The print shop gave me this cutout preview:

printed on vinyl, outdoor lamination (whatever that is — I will drop by the print shop tomorrow for a sample). I get 200 for about 20 EUR, so it comes to 0.10 EUR/piece.

@Paul_Soderlind: I will probably have a batch done this week, please PM me with your address.

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I’d also be interested in 50 stickers, if possible. I’m located in Cologne, Germany. :slight_smile:

The print shop recommended that I give them CYMK colors “for best results”, is that possible or even sensible? I would imagine that these colors are OK in RGB, but I am not an expert.

Well it’s true that you can’t print RGB so the colours you get from a printer will probably be close approximations to the RGB values. Typically the print shop would do the conversion, they just don’t want you to complain later that it doesn’t look like it does on screen.

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We’ve been using stickermule for the standard die-cut julia stickers given out at juliacon and meetups, etc. Make an account, send me an email addresses, and I’ll try to get the design shared with you.


On the left of this screenshot is a Soft Proof showing a Generic CMYK profile with “Perceptual rendering intent”; on the right is the RGB original. The blue loses out the most, I suppose.

Is there any restriction/licensing rule regarding printing stickers with Julia logo? We’re hosting a Bucharest meetup this month and would like to print and distribute some stickers to the participants.

AFAIK you are free (and encouraged) to do that, and that’s why they are in the repository.

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An update, now that this topic has been linked to: the official Julia logo can now be found in

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Did you order a batch last year in the end? (any spare ones?) I was thinking of getting some from a local printer here, but I would need to print something around 100 pieces, which is way too much for me (I only have two laptops :slight_smile: )

I could always use some stickers (~50 max)! Feel free to message me.

Thinking bigger: since virtual JuliaCon is coming up soonish, perhaps it would make sense to print an even larger amount and dispatch them to participants in Europe? :slight_smile:

I have a few spares, but I prefer to give them away in person. I find the overhead of going to the post office and the postage for a few stickers too large (it is not the money, people offer to pay that, but my time). Sorry.

I would suggest that you print batches of 100 and give them away to anyone who asks. This is what I do. It costs me about 10 EUR for a batch of a 100 at the local print shop, I asked them to save the file so I just drop them an e-mail and they print another.

At conferences¹ I would give 1–2 away and then people would learn that I have stickers and it would end up being 10–20. I imagine this is what it feels like to have weed at a party.

¹ For our younger readers: a pre-pandemic term for events where scientists would meet in person to present their research and socialize.