Julia stickers around MIT?

Is there somewhere at or around MIT I can find a few Julia bumper stickers to put on a laptop? :julia:


Unixstickers website has julia language stickers: http://www.unixstickers.com/stickers/coding_stickers/julia-programming-language-logo-sticker


Oddly enough, this says that a portion of the sticker proceeds are donated to the Python Software Foundation. Why not to Julia (via NumFOCUS)?

Because every month they devolve part of their revenues to a different project, this is Python’s time: http://www.unixstickers.com/donations

Wow, are they really charging almost $3 for a single sticker? I used to grab them by the handful when they were still at MIT.

Maybe that is how they ran out of stickers and why they have to compensate :slight_smile:


In fact it’s not clear to me that UnixStickers is using the logo legally.

cc @StefanKarpinski, can you comment if UnixStickers does or does not have permission to use the logo?

JuliaOpt stickers are available at my desk.


NumFOCUS provides official stickers for its projects via Stickermule, sold at cost. The Julia sticker is $2.69 USD.


NumFOCUS should sell sets of Julia-colored juggling balls as a fundraiser.


I didn’t realize the MIT julia group had run out of stickers. I still have some I can bring by.

It may not have! I just don’t know where to go to look for them.

Interesting to see if the stickers will be available globally–I mean open source for everyone to print and redistribute, or something like that :slight_smile:

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Julia stickers for sell here. I think this is connect with NumFOCUS as the link was from their website.

I have been purchasing these and giving them out to speakers at the Sydney Julia meetup

now they don’t