JuliaCon 2020 T-Shirt sales are live + Julia Stickers!

Hey all,

In case you have not heard, JuliaCon 2020 registration is live! Head to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/juliacon-2020-registration-79192116753 to register.

Once you register, be sure to head to the JuliaCon 2020 T-Shirt site. Check out: https://www.bonfire.com/juliacon2020/ now to order your JuliaCon T-Shirt! If you bought the 2019 shirt, this one should be just as soft.

Also, JuliaCon is proud to be sponsored by StickerMule! Head to http://stickermule.com/juliacon20 to get 10 Julia stickers for only one 1 Euro (plus free shipping!). You can find the Julia Language logo here.

Please ping us if you have any questions and see you all online soon.

-Logan on behalf of the JuliaCon organizing committee

EDIT: We also made a JuliaCon Mug available in case T-shirts are not your thing.


Just ordered my 10 stickers for a total of $1.11!


me too! :slight_smile:


Don’t think I need 10 stickers but for basically free, I’ll take them!

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Ooooh, what a great opportunity to get some package logos printed!


I know guys that perhaps there is little you can do, but the tees are half polyester. Bad for the environment! (Microfibers…)


If you know of any sites doing what Bonfire does that sell eco-friendly shirts, I would love to hear about it! I am all for doing right by the envioement.


Perhaps I misunderstood the Bonfire website but I believe their classic unisex shirt style is 100% cotton. It’s just the premium and triblend ones that have polyester.


Yay, classic unisex are indeed 100% cotton!

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So the discount is only for 75x75mm stickers? :sob:

I used the image that was linked and the final size they gave me was 3in wide and 2.06in tall.

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I tried to get a sticker for a package, which fits better in a square or circle, but noticed that the discount is for a fixed size.

I might order 100. But my favorite number is 111, does that mean I need to order 1,000? No let’s not be ridiculous… 100 is just fine.
edit: the promotion is only for ten, but I ordered 10 more hoping some of it goes to JuliaCon

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I was pleased to see that despite not being resident in Europe or North America I could still order. Thanks to all involved!


I could not make the stickers discount work, can someone please provide step-by-step instructions?

Should I pick a particular shape/size?

Do I need “custom quantity” — the lowest offered option is 50 stickers otherwise.

Huh, I just ordered 10 using the link:

  1. Used the link https://www.stickermule.com/juliacon20 and hit the “Order now” blue button in middle.
  2. Uploaded the png from the link (julia-logo-color.png) using the “Choose file…” button on next page.
  3. Everything was ready for checkout (discount, 10 stickers at 3" x 3" size) and hit Checkout before entering shipping and CC details.

No confirmation email yet so we’ll see if I did it right :slight_smile:

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Delivery to Europe/Germany of the shirt(s) seems to be quite expensive ($10), and I got a delivery date (estimated) in about 5-6 weeks. Is that intended? Would be great to get the shirt maybe a little earlier :slight_smile:


Perfect, thanks! It even accepted the SVG file.


Hey! The campaign doesn’t end for another 2 weeks, then ~ 1-2 weeks of production, and then shipping. Sorry that it will take so long, we wanted to go with the same t-shirt provider as last year since the shirts were well liked.