Julia gift store

We have relaunched the Julia swag store at a new location, with some new products. Please visit JuliaLang

Many of the new designs have been created by the amazing @cormullion. A huge amount of thanks and kudos to him.

In celebration of the relaunch, there is a 15% discount available for the next two weeks, so do take advantage of it. We will also add new items over the next few weeks, so please check back often.

Please send any feedback or requests my way.



PS: A small portion of each sale goes into our account with NumFOCUS. This money is used in part to fund the needs of our open source community. So thank you for your support if you do buy anything here.



Hasn’t the logo slightly changed though? The current one on julialang.org doesn’t have an outline around the circles.

It would be great if we could buy Julia stickers online. There is empty space on my bike and my laptop :wink:


OK, got my mug, but stickers would have been good. I would have bought a bunch… Thanks!

Could you make it so that I could also throught the German version of the site (https://www.spreadshirt.de/)? This did not work when I recently tried through the NumFocus store, resulting in a lot of shipping and customs fees for 2 t-shirts :cry:. Unfortunately, I don’t know what needs to be done, but maybe it’s just a simple configuration option with Spreadshirt.

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Very cool, is there an Illuminati.jl package? If not, what should a package with this name do?

Thanks for the kind words, @avik, and for doing the hard work!

It’s cool that the designs are made with Julia, feature Julia, and will help to fund Julia. :slight_smile:

“is there an Illuminati.jl package?” - any private repos with that name are considered as formal applications to join. :slight_smile:


Yes, I realise this is not ideal. NumFOCUS is working on getting on the European store, but apparently that needs a whole new set of paperwork, its not a simple configuration unfortunately. Hence it is taking time.


maybe it should do code obfuscation :slight_smile:

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