Request for Org/Pkg Logos/Graphics for Online Store / JuliaCon

Hi folks!

The JuliaCon Organizing Committee is working to set up a new online store for Julia-related merchandise, as well as getting ready for merchandise @ JuliaCon 2024.

If you have a logo for your Julia organization or package that you’d like to see on the storefront or on stickers at @ JuliaCon please do the following:

  1. Ensure you have the rights to the logo, or that it is otherwise public domain or permissibly licensed.
  2. Send an email to with a high resolution image or SVG (strongly preferred) along with either a permissible license or assign the JuliaCon Organizing Committee a merchandising license.

We will also accept interesting designs related to the Julia Language which aren’t necessarily logos. For example something like the classic Julia REPL t-shirt or @miguelraz’s Dispatch character.

Some answered questions:

  1. Where will proceeds go? Proceeds will be transferred to the Julia Language NumFocus account, which is used to organize JuliaCon, provide various infrastructure services to the community, etc.

  2. If I supply my logo will I be guaranteed a spot on the merch store / JuliaCon sticker list? No, we will make decisions about which logos to include based on popularity of the org/package, demand, and suitability. There is a cost to providing too many different merchandise SKUs, which is the main factor behind this process. This decision will be re-evaluated frequently.

  3. What kind of logos are suitable? Logos which are overly complex, or made up of many different colors may be difficult to print on some merchandise. This may impact which items we are able to provide for that logo.


Fantastic, thanks for the initiative!!! I am searching to see what is the limit of “too complex”. Is this too complex:


? if yes, what would I need to remove to make it hit the complexity limit?

(image is too low res please don’t use it i’ll make a new one!!!)


Complexity depends a lot on what merchandise. For a sticker this is can be great (although the silhouette of the sticker would be a little unrecognizable perhaps?). For a t-shirt gradients can be difficult to do since you often pay by the number of colors, and sometimes there is a maximum (one thing that would help here is traditional solid color Julia dots)

I’d like to throw BioJulia into the ring


SVG white text: at master · BioJulia/ · GitHub

SVG black text: at master · BioJulia/ · GitHub


JuliaHealth has entered the fray!


SVG: at dev · JuliaHealth/ · GitHub

PNG: at dev · JuliaHealth/ · GitHub