Read-only pluto notebook with functional PlutoUI?

Is it possible to run a pluto notebook in read-only mode? I.e. make it impossible to edit the cells. But at the same time have PlutoUI elements still functional, so that you can update computed results.

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For what is worth, just making the notebook file read-only, does not work as seen here Pluto is unhappy with notebook files that are set to read-only permissions · Issue #1400 · fonsp/Pluto.jl · GitHub

Convert it to HTML or pdf using the button at the top?

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That makes PlutoUI elements (e.g sliders) unresponsive. I will edit the question to make that more clear.

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Ah then you need to set up a server using PlutoSlideServer.jl, but it’s still tricky. See Fonsvs talk at Plutocon 2021 from earlier this year.