Hosting Pluto Notebooks online

I am currently working on a Pluto notebook, and I chose to use Pluto because of the excellent interactivity it allows. I am wondering how I can make the notebook available online. I have seen online that Binder is the one that is used most of the time.
I don’t know if I am correct, but from what I have researched about Binder before, it allows the user to edit the code, and such edit is saved and can be viewed by other users later. If this is not correct, please inform me. I would like to know if I there is a way to put the notebook online so that the user can’t edit the code or markdown, or, at least, that the edits that a user makes can only be seen by the user that made them and such that whenever the user reopens the notebook his edits have been deleted.
I hope I have made myself clear.
Thank you.

If you put a Pluto notebook on Binder the user can edit the notebook, but as soon as the user disconects the changes will be lost.

Hello. Thank you for your response. I hope it is not too late for you to help me once again.
I don’t know if or what I am doing wrong, but apperently Binder doesn’t format the Pluto notebook properly. From what I have tried, Binder doesn’t allow the interactive widgets present in Pluto, instead showing the raw code. What can be done?

It does (unless there is some error).
Do you have a minimum working example that reproduce this error?

I cannot share with you what I am working on right now. But I initially tried to generate the Binder link for the Pluto notebook the same way I would do with a .ipynb notebook. I uploaded it on GitHub and put the url for it in the Binder page. Is there a special configuration that need to be done?
Also, I noticed the Pluto allows you to export your notebook as a HTML file, but it when I tried to execute it on a browser, the interactive tools were not loading. Is that normal?

you can’t execute Julia in a browser, the exported HTML is for viewing only

I see… Well, how can I execute Pluto notebooks in a browser then? I am so lost…


I’ve followed the instructions here and it worked for me.
It does take some time to load the page though, but once it was loaded, I could do everything.


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Hello Olivier. Thank you very much for the help. It seems like a good solution. However, I have seen a few issues with this. I generated a link yesterday and when I tried to use it again today, I got an error message, saying that the Binder could not be found due to an error or was removed because it was too old. Any idea why this happens?
Also, in contrast to what Dictino said above, I noticed that when I made a change to the notebook, even after closing the browser and restarting the computer, the change I had made could still be seen. Any explanation as to why?
Thank you.

Hello Dictino. I tried making a change to a Pluto notebook I had put on Binder and even after closing the browser and restarting the computer, the change I had made could still be seen. Any explanation as to why? Thank you.

Unfortunately I have very little experience with pluto notebooks. If you post the error message, maybe a pluto dev could help out?

That is weird
Can you show a MWE(minimal working example) that I can look at?
You don’t need to show your actual code (that you cannot share) but a simple example deployed in Binder so we can test that the changes are persistent…