Pluto notebooks: HTML version with responsive sliders

I have seen some cases where the static versions of Pluto notebooks are responsive to slider changes, even though they are static HTML files. An example is the course given by @jbrea here.

I wonder how that functionality can be implemented. As far as I know, the package PlutoSliderServer.jl was designed to implement it. However, I am making some stupid mistakes because I keep getting errors despite following instructions. I created an environment for this purpose, and I installed the PlutoSliderServer. I did this on a Windows 10 machine and a Linux Ubuntu one. In the case of Windows, I get the error:

ERROR: AssertionError: PlutoSliderServer does not work on Windows yet!

However, on Linux, the plutosliderserver seems to run and create the server, but then it spits out the following error:

error: Uncaught PermissionDenied: Permission denied (os error 13) about ["/tmp/systemd-private-ef8b2c2d7f1f40388db3325afb12e1dc-systemd-timesyncd.service-sNRh7g"]
    const watcher = Deno.watchFs("/tmp");
    at new FsWatcher (deno:runtime/js/40_fs_events.js:19:23)
    at Object.watchFs (deno:runtime/js/40_fs_events.js:64:12)
    at file:///home/violeta/$deno$eval.js:1:26

Help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.