Host Pluto server in the cloud, eg, Digital Ocean?

Does anyone have pointers for hosting Pluto on a cloud-based server, such as Digital Ocean? I’m interested in a regular Pluto server for developing notebooks, but not interested in PlutoSliderServer.

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Install julia on the server by ssh-ing into it and downloading the julia from the official website (with wget for instance). Start a new julia project, install Pluto in it, and run it with:;host="", port="1234"). Then point your browser to http://your_server_ip:1234.

Overriding the default listening address with host="" is important - otherwise only programs running on the same server can connect to Pluto. Saying “listen to” means “listen to all network interfaces, including those exposed to the dangerous internet”.

If you want a bit more security, you can tell Pluto to listen only to the local interface by deleting the host argument (so that there are no public ports open) and then make a port fowarding tunnel to it from your local machine with ssh -L.

Edit: Check ? for more information.

Edit2: Do not keep anything valuable on that server. Unless you set up https sertificates or ssh port forwarding, your connection is unencrypted and the password would be visible to anyone between you and the server.


Thank you, @Krastanov .

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