Is there an updated guide to host interactive Pluto notebooks online?

I am very interested in the possibility to host Pluto notebooks online with the interactive capabilities of the different sliders. However, I have not found a recent guide that uses the PlutoSliderServer package to achieve this using a cloud provider.

The only resource I have found is this great article, but I feel it is now outdated and I would like to ask if there is a more recent guide.

The new MIT Computational Thinking course site seems to have interactive sliders and I would like to achieve a similar behaviour for my notebooks, since the result is outstanding.


Mh, I assume you have already checkout this page: GitHub - JuliaPluto/PlutoSliderServer.jl: Web server to run just the `@bind` parts of a Pluto.jl notebook
The pre-rendered images seem to be work in progress, so if you want you can try to copy examples but it might change in the future.

I have seen the page and I was able to run my local interactive webservers.

However, I do not have the knowledge of hosting a web page using a cloud server like AWS. Those steps do not seem easy to me and that is why I asked if there is a more detailed step-by-step guide to go from the Pluto Notebooks to an interactive server, which I think could be helpful to many people including me.

I will try to set it up my self with the information of that repository, and if I succeed, I will definitely write that guide.