Plot pane doesn't show the first plot command

When I run the following block of code with alt+Enter:

using Plots
pyplot() # or plotlyjs()


on a fresh Julia console (freshly opened Juno, or after killing the Julia process), nothing appears in the plot pane. Instead, a big block of text appears in the editor (see attached screenshot).
If the lines above are executed one by one rather than as a block, it works fine. Subsequent plots are also fine. The same behavior occurs with both pyplot and plotlyjs backends.

Yes, that’s a known issue, due to the “world age” error. This is because Plots uses some clever trickery to work together with Juno and the backend packages if you have them installed, but not require that you install them. That doesn’t play so nicely with how functions are updated within a julia session in julia 0.6.

It’s being worked on, but for now the easy workaround is simply to speed quickly past the first plot call.