Paths problem after install - packages is not iterable

I tried to install juno on linux (centos 7) but had some issues so decided to try the windows binary install only to see pretty much the same problem. uber-juno cant run.

I get the “packages not iterable” message with the path to install-panel.js listed
Part of the issue may be that that path doesn’t exist. nor the file it lists the error
for (install-panel.js)

The entire tree seems wrong compared to the error message:

there is another branch “apm” which is installed with the “…app” folder above which contains a “node_modules” branch but that itself doesn’t contain a settings-view branch
That file doesnt seem to exist at all.

Julia is installed ok but I just can’t get atom to do anything except this error on clicking “install”

I found a similar bug report but the file used to fix it is my missing file.

Can anyone suggest anything?
Have I missed something vital?


How did you install Atom? Something seems to have gone terribly wrong there…


I just double clicked the x64 .exe file and it installs and fires up.
Press ctrl + , and click install and the not iterable error appears

This is windows-7 64 SP1 using my admin account UAC off

Can you try starting a terminal and type in apm install julia-client? Does that work?

It also seems like your Atom installation is broken. Can you install any packages at all?

Ok so

running that tells me it is trying to find packages in a packages folder
(myname.atom\packages) but that folder is empty except for a readme file.

is this install attempting silently to download stuff from the internet ?
My development equipment isn’t allowed to connect to the internet.

Yes, Atom’s package installation mechanism downloads the packages for you.

You can however download/clone the packages into a folder and call apm link there. I’m sure there are some docs about this around somewhere.