Atom package: julia-client seems to be broken

I like the Atom-Editor as a second Julia editor, but the atom package julia-client seems to be brocken.
After deinstallation I tried to re-install it via apm but it fails:

C:\bin\Atom\resources\app\apm\bin>apm install julia-client

Installing julia-client to C:\Users\stefanpofahl\.atom\packages failed
Request for package information failed: Application error

I there some-one who uses Atom v1.63.1 and has managed to get it to work under MS-Windows?

I figured out how to fix this issue, my mistake was, I had disabled the package instead of a removal of the package, after the removal it was possible to install it via apm install julia-client but that has not solved the issue. If I start atom it says:

The above packages are incompatible with the current version of Atom and have been deactivated. Juno will not work properly until they are rebuilt.

Unfortunatly the rebuild process fails inside Atom GUI. A package rebuild via apm on the CLI (command line interface):

C:\bin\Atom\resources\app\apm\bin>apm rebuild julia-client

shows no error, but I does not resolve the issue :frowning:

For some reason there’s been a bit of a glut of Juno/Atom related questions recently!

Just to summarise the situation as I see it:

  • Atom is basically dead - MS will sunset it in two weeks (link)
  • Juno is still officially in maintenance mode and has been for a long time
  • In practice however installation has been broken for a while - see the Juno issues page where people have been reporting installation issues similar to yours for almost two years
  • In the issues you’ll also see people suggesting using an older Atom version to get things running

I’ve also heard people saying that with the sunsetting of Atom package management will basically stop working. At the same time there are community efforts to keep Atom going, but it’s not clear at the minute whether any of these will succeed.

So in summary you probably shouldn’t be expect to be able to use Juno/Atom going forward unless you are willing to put in the dev work required to get things up and running again.


Unfortunately, I am not skilled enough to do this job. Maybe Julia conference this year could be a place to discuss about the topic “Tooling”?
I like the situation of concurring development environments for Julia.

There are many development environments in Julia: VSCode, Jupyter(Lab), Pluto, Emacs, (neo)vim, SublimeText and probably more. I don’t think there’s a lot of appetite for sinking further work into Atom now that MS has killed it (as sad as I am about it, I probably still preferred Juno to VSCode up until the point it broke).