Package registration bottleneck?

I might’ve been extra eager and pushed 2 version updates for Genie over the weekend, out of which none has been merged yet.


  • is there any kind of best practice in making registration requests - I don’t want to overload the queue
  • what’s the expected behavior now that there are 2 versions opened for registration (I presume both will be registered)
  • can’t registration be automated? Looks like a terrible waste of time for humans to merge these manually. Plus, obviously, it’s not optimal in terms of response times.

The bottleneck is that there are two people who are doing it right now and sometimes we take weekends off and don’t want to do it every day. There’s an open issue about automating things, but someone needs to implement that.


Thanks - my point exactly, it’s a terrible waste of very precious time. Obviously, people need to take time off. I was thinking that maybe there was some quick code review to avoid malicious code or something like that, that would’ve justified manual oversight.

From a web development perspective, it’s important to have real-time versioning as code exposed on the internet can be exploited through security vulnerabilities, requiring immediate action for patching the clients. There were plenty of such cases in recent history and I expect Julia’s libraries will see their share.

Can we have a link to the issue, please?

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This requires some serious digging into the Registrator.jl codebase

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