JuliaRegistrator stuck on "temporarily deployed to stopwatch"

I’ve been trying to register a new version of a package, and it seems I have made a hash of it, with a few attempts over the last months. The process appear to me to go ok, but stops with a message that the JuliaRegistrator has deployed to stopwatch, and it never seems to resume. I’m not sure how to proceed to get the new version in the registry. My last action was to create a release manually, as the TagBot which I had recently installed did not seem to make the tag in the way I expected it to.

The PR to the general registry is here: New version: SimulatedNeuralMoments v1.0.4 by JuliaRegistrator · Pull Request #73189 · JuliaRegistries/General · GitHub

Are there any steps I can take to complete this? Or, is there a clean way to start over from zero to make the release? Thanks.

You might have blocked that yourself. The automated message said

If you want to prevent this pull request from being auto-merged,
simply leave a comment. If you want to post a comment without blocking
auto-merging, you must include the text [noblock] in your comment.

and you wrote “Fixed” after that. (not containing [noblock])

edit: Here is how to unblock the block GitHub - JuliaRegistries/General: The official registry of general Julia packages, just edit that post and add the [noblock]. You might want to do that for the other comment you made as well (which would have belonged in your commits not there) so also add [noblock] there.


Thanks! I will try that and report back here.

(a few minutes later) That did it, it is now merged. Thanks very much. I really need to read things more carefully :roll_eyes:

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You were quite patient, I am used to have a merge within 30 minutes and would check these things a few hours later already. But sure, I also have not yet read all details in the (very nice) General Registry Readme – just the [noblock] thing was what I had problems with before as well.

But super that it works now, and no worries I also sometimes struggle with this thing called “reading stuff”.

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