Registering packages not hosted on github

Is it possible to register a package that is hosted not on GitHub/GitLab (Codeberg in my case)?
Regards, Adam

Yes, but you have to create the PR to the registry manually, ideally using LocalRegistry.jl.


Thanks! I’ve created my local registry and added my package. Could you please give me a hand and point me what exactly should I make the PR with using my local registry?

Ah, I didn’t mean you should create your own registry, but using LocalRegistry to register your package in a local clone of the General registry. Then you just make a pull request to that repository with your change.


Silly me, that’s so obvious :slight_smile: Thanks!

I did so. Could you please let me know if there is anything more I should do now, or wait for merging my PR? Any idea how long it might take?
Regards, Adam