Pkg protocol - delay in updating GeneralRegistry

I have recently registered new versions of some of my packages. These versions became available immediately on julia-1.3, but are invisible on julia-1.5.

I removed the registries subdir of the .julia dir and indeed, when I leave it to julia-1.5 to download the registry, these new versions are not available.

I assume this is related to the newly introduced pkg protocol? Where does it get its copy of the registry? How often is this sync’ed with the github Reigstry repo?

See some discussion here:

Thanks for this. I see that in that discussion there is mention of about roughly 15 minutes delay. In my case the PR was merged more than 12 hours ago.

I tried setting:


and deleting my local registry. This did not solve the problem.

It is possible that something is stuck then. Do you have a link to the General registry PR?

Changing servers should not matter, either none of them or all of them have access to the resource.

This is one of the merged PRs:

An example of such failure on GH CI from today: implement faster innerjoin by bkamins · Pull Request #2612 · JuliaData/DataFrames.jl · GitHub

Just here to report the registrations came through…