Package registrator


I am in the process of registering this package using the web interface of Registrator.jl. I set up the name of the repo and asked to register the v1.0.1 of the package.

Everything was going smoothly until I realized that the PR was for version v0.5.0 of my package.

Here the text of the message produced by Registrator bot:

Registering package: PlmDCA
Created by: @pagnani
Version: v0.5.0
Commit: 3e1fb5130af39a2489c23995c18db5604767dd0c
Git reference: v1.0.1
Description: Pseudo Likelihood Maximization for protein in Julia
Release notes:

BTW, what is the difference between Version: v0.5.0 and Git reference: v1.0.1?

I do not understand how v0.5.0 was chosen. I definitely do not want to register that version. What am I supposed to do? Stop the merging of the PR? If yes how, as there is an auto-merge procedure?

Thanks but the whole procedure is very sophisticated, but I do not understand the implications.

On a more general ground, when I register a package with already more version set what happens with the previous versions?

Thanks a lot in advance


… Ahhh I understood what is going on. I erroneously thought that by tagging a new version automatically the Project.jl was changed. And indeed It is not like this. Sorry for the noise.

Luckily enough, the registrator did not automerge the package because it complains that julia version in my Project.jl is unbounded.

My compact version reads

DCAUtils = "1"
LoopVectorization = "0.12"
PrecompileTools = "1"
NLopt = "0.6"
julia = "≥ 1.5.0"

True, it is only bounded from below, but what should I set for everything >= than 1.5.0 until now? My package passes the nightly tests so I am pretty confident that “now” should be the upper bound.

Thanks and be patient please.


You should use julia = "1.5", which will support all Julia v1 releases since 1.5, but not v2. In any case, you don’t know if your package will work on v2, as it’ll be a breaking release

Thanks …

Thank you sir for the advice.