Meetup in Prague, Czechia ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฟ

Hello everyone,

Along with the organizers of previous Julia meetups in Prague, we are planning to revive our local community, which has been dormant since the onset of the pandemic. We may not all be well-acquainted yet, but there are numerous teams at multinational companies in Prague actively contributing to open-source Julia packages across various fields, such as pharma, cybersecurity, and finance.

We aim to hold our next meetup sometime in September, after the vacation season winds down. We have already identified a potential venue in the city center (Smรญchov). At this point, we are looking for 2-3 additional presenters (from business and academia) who can share insights on interesting applications of Julia across different domains. Our goal is not to delve too deeply into the technicalities of Julia itself but rather to showcase how Julia enables fascinating applications.

We also have a meetup group you can join: Prague Julia programming group | Meetup

If you are interested in giving a talk or assisting with the organization, please send me (or Bรกra at Prague Julia programming group | Meetup) a direct message!