Founding a new community in Prague, Czech Republic

Hi everyone,

we are interested in founding a new Julia community in Prague, Czech Republic because to our best knowledge, no such group exists. So far, we have established a meetup group called Prague Julia programming group we are planning a Julia-focused meetup at end of October and meanwhile, we plan to present Julia talks at local conferences, with the first one being MeasureCamp in Brno this Saturday.

Does anyone know if there any rules, guidelines, best practices etc. for us to use and be aware of?

Thanks for any info,



Getting started is more important! Make ul your own rules!

Well there is an initiation requirement that must be satisfied, you see. You cannot be recognized as a proper Julia group until you have done something noteworthy.

So, you’re going to need to (1) gather up all of your members, (2) paint the Julia logo on your bodies, (3) run across Charles Bridge.

I was in Prague for the first time last month. Beautiful place.

Hi Matyáš,
there are some 4 people using Julia in the company ThermoFisherScientific in Brno. I saw MeasureCamp is sold-out by now, but anyhow I’d like to get in touch with the Prague community - maybe meet with you in October in Prague.

@Matyas_Kapusta We are running one here next week. I will assemble the specifics involved and how to use the tools at hand and post them at the end of next week.

meanwhile have a look at the julia-nyc meetup page and the upcoming meetup.

Send me email or message me your email address and I will help you get started over this weekend.

@Matyas_Kapusta Do you still need some help with the setting up?