Hamburg Julia users meetups kickstarting

Hello everyone,
along with Julius Krumbiegel and Benoit Richard we are thinking of starting some nice Julia users meetups in Hamburg! If you are a Julia user and live in Hamburg and want to meet with other julia users for a nice beer/coffee/juice and chat Julia and more generally, let us know because we are collecting interested people to make meetings.

We don’t have a strict format set in place, and we are thinking more in terms of open discussions, and of course if a user would like to present something, they can do so. For example, I could kickstart the meetings simply discussing the ways I’m trying to make ODEProblems with modular components using the existing DiffEq ecosystem. But this will not be a formal presentation, more like a 5 minute open discussion of ideas. But anyone else can instead put a discussion topic on the table!

So just reply here if you are in Hamburg/near-Hamburg and interested!


I recently moved to Hamburg and would be interested to join.

I would be happy to join occasionally from Bremen.

I’m keen too :slight_smile:

Great! if you use the Julia slack, can you please join #hamburg-local?

I’d be interested as well!