Meetup in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Hello, we are trying to start a Julia meetup in Amsterdam. If this sounds like something of interest to you, help by filling this form:

Also, please share.


Hi all. A few months ago we made a form to measure interest in an Amsterdam meetup for Julia. It took a while to get back to you - sorry about that - but now we’re back.

We had great interest (31 respondents). The summary is that we have enough interested people close enough to Amsterdam to justify creating something local, so let’s meet.

We’ve created a GitHub org to keep things that can be public there. In particular the results of the poll are there: Poll results · Issue #7 · julia-lang-amsterdam/ · GitHub. Please check the repo if you want more involvement.

Most relevant right now is that we are looking for hosts. If you are at a company in Amsterdam that could host a evening meeting, please get in touch. If you have other ideas, please get in touch.

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Greatings from Den Haag!

A Julia meetup in Amsterdam would be great, much closer for me than Eindhoven, only 49 minutes by train instead of two hours…


Would you be interested in meeting to organize at JuliaCon?

Also, have you talked to the local PyData folks about venues?

It would be great to meet more people who are interested in organizing. What do you have in mind?

I am in contact with some people there.