Juno ridiculously slow

Why Juno takes so long when I type and when I want to print results?
I read that by allowing the Fallback Renderer then it should run faster, but the problem persists.
What can I do?

Try what I had to do here after enabling the fallback renderer: Julia 0.7 juno's julia console very slow

With the last version of julia-client it shouldn’t be necessary to restart Atom for that setting to take effect.

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Is it Juno being slow or Atom in general?

My Atom was unusably slow until I installed the proprietary graphics driver for my graphics card, at which point it was fine.

Just an idea.

It’s also worth removing all packages to see if Atom is still slow. There are some packages (e.g. I’ve had trouble with spell check in the past) that do a lot of work on each keypress that can really slow things down.

Hello, I’m currently having the same issue without using Juno - just the Julia console. Although I initially installed Juno and then uninstalled. I’m on OSX Mojave running Julia 1.1.0. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

What is “the same issue”? Please be more specific and give as much info as possible about the problem.


Every time I enter a command in the console there is a large delay. Couple seconds.

Strange. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Julia?