Juno non-responsive after command is entered


When I type 1+1 (or any other command) in the juno REPL, or run a command from the editor, the result is displayed and then Juno becomes non-responsive for about 3 seconds. Is anybody else getting this problem? Its a pain, and Ive had it for a while (even after reinstalling everything, including julia, atom and juno)

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I found this is often this is the result of Workspace pane being slow because of some slow show method (which the workspace pane is calling to get a textual representation of some variable). You can try to close the workspace pane and see if it helps, and if it does maybe track down the offending show.

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Yes indeed. This solved the problem completely. Do you think this issue is fixable/will be fixed? Thanks for the help

The issue with the specific show method might be fixed if you track down which variable is slow to display and file an issue with the relevant package.
The other issue is that Juno gets stuck in such a case. I wouldn’t bet on that getting fixed, since development efforts have mostly moved to the VSCode Julia extension.


Ok. thats bad news. didnt know that. thanks

It has to do with Microsoft’s purchase of Github, but I have personally found vscode to be just as pleasant to use as juno (though admittedly I don’t use all the features). There is a two-hour adjustment period to get the theme you like and a couple of keyboard shortcuts, but the transition is very smooth. I continue using atom and I also use IntelliJ, they all work reasonably well.