JuliaCon 2022 T-shirts, Socks, Stickers + more now available!

Hey folks,

As per the annual tradition, the 2022 version of the JuliaCon t-shirts, socks, stickers, and more are now for sale. This is a great opportunity to not only get some amazing Julia swag, but also support the Julia project financially.

Order soon to make sure you get the items before the conference!

Below are the shirts / mugs for sale:

We are also still selling the commemorative 10 years of Julia shirt.

Here are some of the many stickers which are available right now:

Socks and Slippers:

This is the first year we are selling Julia socks: Julia Language Three Dots Logo - Socks – julialang and slippers: Julia Language Three Dots - Men's Indoor Slippers – julialang. Note that the shipping costs are relatively expensive but hopefully for the sock collectors it will be worth it!

Further note that for the items above, I have just placed the sample test order so I cannot yet speak to the quality of the items. While we chose a distributor that looks to be high quality, again, I don’t yet know what to expect so this is your buyer’s beware notice. I will share an update once the samples come in!


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If there are any questions or issue with these items, please get in touch with me via Slack or email!

Another really cool item just went live thanks to an awesome design by @cormullion, the long anticipated Julia License Plate Frame: Julia Programming Language License Plate Frame - "Engineered for Perfo – julialang


The Julia socks I sample ordered are in and seem to be great! Order yours today: Julia Language Three Dots Logo - Socks – julialang