Current state of Juno?

Hi there,

I’m quite new to Julia. I’ve tried Juno in the last couple of days – because it’s certainly well advertised on Julia’s main homepage. I absolutely love it! However, it says somewhere

Attention : We have decided to join forces with the Julia extension for VSCode. As such, this Atom-based plugin is effectively in “maintenance-only mode” and we expect to only work on bug fixes in the future.

And now i’ve found a discussion on “discourse”, from May 2020, which seems to indicate that indeed, everybody is moving to vscode now.

My experience with Juno was great, but of course I’m not addicted to it yet… should I try vscode instead, because Juno is about to die? How have things evolved since May 2020?

Juno is still presented as the IDE of choice on Julia’s main page, cf the “JuliaPro” bundle. It would be weird to drive people in the direction of a project that’s about to be abandoned. And yet, if Juno and vscode are sufficiently similar, I might as well go with the long-term solution.

Any advice appreciated.


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Juno is definitely still usable, but there won’t be any new features and only fixes for critical bugs. So you’re definitely welcome to keep using it (as are many people), but I would recommend moving to VSCode for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s the (arguably) better editor and actively developed.
  • The Julia extension is (mostly) at feature parity with Juno (although sometimes a bit rough around the edges still) and actively developed.
  • You won’t get into any weird situations with package version incompatibilities with the VSCode extension as is likely with Juno, which can cause hard to track down (or just very annoying and impossible to fix) bugs.

Regarding JuliaPro: The whole product is being phased out, so that’s not really an argument towards Juno’s longevity or future.


Ah, yeah, we should change that around on the site — both to emphasize VS Code more and JuliaPro less (or not at all).


Thanks for your replies. I guess it makes sense to turn to vscode. I feel very funny about using a microsoft product – brings back memories of my teenage years fiddling with autoexec.bat. I remember not being very impressed by them. Perhaps they have improved in the meanwhile!

Related, I recently fell down the Juno rabbit hole after seeing it recommended at Profiling · The Julia Language. I was confused at first because I had heard that Juno is migrating to be based on vscode (which is accurate; it’s just that this combination is no longer called Juno). My confusion was not resolved until I realized that both and are obviously divergent forks of the same website. Still, there is no mention on either site of how they relate to each other. And it’s unclear from the profiling documentation whether there is support for profile visualization in julia-vscode, just like there is in Juno.

you can try VSCodium as well.