Julia Meetup in Mumbai?

Any Julia enthusiasts from Mumbai around here? I am going to be in Mumbai next week and the week after that, and was wondering if there’s interest in a meetup in Mumbai.

Does anyone have a venue they can host a meetup at?



That would be awesome. I can try to arrange to arrange a venue at IITB (not sure since I have graduated, and the campus is gated).

I’m interested! I’ll be travelling a bit at that time, but will try to make it

Yeah, I would be up to do a seminar/meetup at IITB. I suppose we need an internal person who can send out emails to the local mailing lists and such.

I am guessing very few people are likely to be around though, given the holidays.

Happy to meet with a few folks in a small group too. Let me know if anyone is in Mumbai and interested.


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I just had a talk with one of the faculty and a student. A seminar can be arranged. Although most of the undergrads are away many Ph.D. students would be around.

I need a few details and send an email by keeping you in CC to arrange a seminar. Can you please DM me your email id (I am unable to send you a DM). If that is not possible you can contact Madhu N. Belur [Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Bombay] directly.

Viral will be giving a seminar at IITB. The details are as follows:

Title: New frontiers in the Julia ecosystem
Time/date: 11:30am, Thursday, 22nd Dec 2022
Speaker: Dr. Viral B. Shah, CEO, JuliaHub
Venue: EEG301 (Gaitonde building, 3rd floor)
Electrical Engg Building

If anyone outside IITB wants to attend, please let me know in advance (Entry in the campus requires permission).

Unfortunately I’ll not be able to make it on 22nd. Would be good if it’s recorded