Julia user meetup in Trondheim?

:wave: from Gløshaugen. If there are enough Julia users in Trondheim we should maybe start a small meet-up.

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There is a seminar/meetup two weeks from now in Trondheim which I will be at along with @baggepinnen


Oh even directly in my building, I did not yet see that and will definelty come by!

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Any chance of this being broadcasted?

Cool to see this happening at my Alma Mater. I’m also interested in whether this will be broadcast/recorded.

I’m sure there are enough people in Trondheim doing interesting work with Julia for a meetup (in addition to the seminar mentioned by @ChrisRackauckas which looks very interesting). I’m based in Oslo, but I will check with my colleagues in Trondheim. Perhaps we could do something over the summer?

The ones I know that are somewhat active here and are based in Trondheim are @trulsf, @Philippe_Maincon1, and @mlhetland . Any interest in a local Trondheim meetup?


Ah nice, thanks for mentioning them :slight_smile: I would be in for at least checking the organisational stuff so one could in principle do something similar to the Berlin people


and meet maybe once a month somewhere on Gløshaugen. If there are enough people interested.

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I would definitely be interested in joining in on any meetups happening at Gløshaugen.


Sounds good. I will check also the upcoming seminar and if there are at least a few people interested start a page like the Berlin people and probably meetings after summer, so August as an aim.

Count me in !


Count on me too ! I am definitely interested in joining any Julia meetups in Trondheim.

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I found a short moment to set up an org and a (just basically initialised) Franklin page.

Feel free to write me to join said org and also feel free to already propose ideas how to improve the homepage. If someone has a nice idea for a logo for example that would be great


While I set up the GitHub org and page as well as the collaborative markdown file at

Until now I did not get much feedback. We still need a good idea for a room for example, but besides that a meeting in September would be useful if we have maybe 10 people or so that would show up?

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Idelfonso should be able to book rooms of the right size. Message him and Vinicius at NTNU (I assume you met them back in June?)

Sure, during the day that is not a problem, but after 4pm or 5pm you need an access card to enter the building.
Booking the rooms, I can do as well.