Julia users in Toronto

Hi all, we are thinking to organize a Julia meetup in Toronto in the week of Oct 15th, I’m wondering how many people would be interested? Please give a like or reply if you are interest!

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We are hosting the first Julia user meetup in the GTA area on Oct 17, 2023 at 915 Dupont, parking is available in the neighborhood. We will have Xiuzhe (Roger) Luo giving us a talk about quantum computing and DevOps in Julia. We will start at 6 pm with talks+questions taking roughly 1 hour (after which people are welcome to stay and socialize). Any questions can be asked at the #toronto channel at the Julia slack. Please come by and chat with everyone!


I would definitely be interested.

I think I will just return to Toronto on the 15th, so hopefully able to join :slight_smile: