Julia in Toulouse

Hi! Are there others here from Toulouse who would like to do a meetup soon? We could start with a virtual one and plan a physical meetup for later on.

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glad to see people from Toulouse interested in Julia. I’m native from the area, but not there actually, when I go back there (once a year) usually I go to code and coffee, maybe it’s a start: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Software-Crafters-Toulouse
I’m interested particularly in TDD/BDD, what subjects do you want to talk in your meetup ?

I think it depends on who can come; I’d like to see what others in Toulouse are working on. I personally use Julia for deep learning and evolutionary computation. For now, we’d have to do something virtual, so if you’d like to join in feel free!

Sure I would, but with the virus I’m stuck in Malaga (spain) and have few data in roaming, so I can’t do visio for hours. Let me know, I’ll try to find a way.
I’d like to make some videos to propose an alternative with TDD/BDD to repl based workflow and would be curious if there’re specifics topics based on your usage, I can talk about.

Hi Dennis, it’s a great initiative! OK for me but after May 18th.

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Hi, that would be great!

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